Equine Events

chesterraces-1There are many equine events in Cheshire – here’s a selection:

  • Chester Races provide excellent racing on Chester’s famous city centre course on The Roodee, and are a much-loved social event. It makes a marvellous spectacle, even viewed from the city walls. It’s hard to believe The Roodee used to be the harbour in Roman times!
  • there are annual point-to-point events at Alpraham, Tabley and Eaton Hall, nr Chester.
  • horse trials – the Kelsall Hill Horse Trials and the Bradwell Horse Trials are both firm fixtures in the Cheshire equine calendar.
  • Polo – the Cheshire Polo Club lays claim to be the oldest polo club in Britain, through its direct succession from the Manchester, Wirral and Bowdon clubs, which were all formed in the 19th century. It now plays at Little Budworth and Henbury.

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